Setting Prayer Time

After update the prayer time table by using computer, kindly use Keypad to adjust the code to make Promas Muslim Prayer Clock display the accurate prayer time in your country.


Please follow the simple way as below,

  1. Press and hold 3 second SET button at Keypad
  2. LED blink stand for the part to adjust
  3. Press NEXT button to make LED blink at Asr
  4. Press + or - button to adjust COUNTRY CODE of your country
  5. Press NEXT button to make LED blink at Fajr
  6. Press + or - buttong to adjust CITY CODE near with you
  7. Press SET button one time and Complete
  8. Wait 30 second for clock to read the latest time table


Adjust the Country Code and City Code according to the list,

If your country or city NOT IN THE LIST, please talk with us through WhatsApp +6018-313 8000 for further information


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