Automatic Play Audio

Promas Muslim Prayer Clock complete with wooden back cover and great quality speaker, able to automatic play beautiful Adhan, Surah and Dhikr sound when prayer time or reach the selected time, together CREATE MUSLIM RESIDENT ALWAYS SURROUNDING WITH PEACEFUL, HARMONY AND ISLAMIC AMBIENCE

All the sound in format MP3 and able to change by user through computer (if necessary)


When connect Promas Muslim Prayer Clock with computer by using USB Printer Wire, user able to read the memory inside the clock. After access the memory, we will see a folder Reminder, open it and user will see all the default MP3 inside as below,

Rename the MP3 file to the same file name as above, Copy and Replace the file inside memory clock


Click below link to DOWNLOAD the audio MP3 (if necessary)

English Default Command Sound                        Default Adhan, Surah, Dhikr MP3                          Other Adhan, Surah MP3


Click here, follow the easy step in video and COMPLETE the setting

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